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Would you like to be in full control of your home or office e-mail system? To be able to create unlimited number of mailboxes and host as many domains as you would like? These and many other features at the impressive price of FREE?

Look no further! quickSMTP is the right solution for you! It will run on any Windows machine and allow you to be of full control of your mail flow. It has comfortable management interface, supports encryption, quotas, mail retention definitions and many other cool features.

Version 0.3 is here! 

Full support of SMTP and POP3 protocols.

Unlimited number of domains.

Unlimited number of mailboxes.

Define rules for catching mails to unexisting boxes.

Define rules for monitoring of all incoming emails.

SMTP authentication – supports PLAIN, LOGIN & CRAM-MD5.

POP3 secure authentication via APOP.

Define IP ranges to be blocked.

Define IP ranges to be allowed to relay mail.

Send mail thru your server from anywhere using SMTP authentication.

SSL encrypted SMTP and POP3 servers.

Remote monitoring client for accessing your server from anywhere.

Intrusion prevention system that filters out unwanted connections.

Quota control and mail retention policies.

Fully function mailboxes browser allowing you to inspect content
of all messages in a box.

Statistics and comprehensive connection history.
Multi threaded outgoing delivery.
Automatic processing of remote commands.

Important bug-fix in version 0.3.

Dear users, it turned out that version 0.2 contains a bug that would cause quickSMTP to consume a lot of memory and CPU resources when a client opens SSL POP3 or SMTP connection and does not comply with the protocol commands. This bug was fixed in version 0.3 and we highly recommend that you upgrade your installation as soon as possible.

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quickSMTP news review

Latest Version: 0.3

Important bugfix! There was a bug in version 0.2 that would cause quickSMTP to consume a lot of resources when a client connects to SSL POP3 or SMTP and does not comply with the protocol commands. We recommend you to upgrade

Latest Version: 0.2

Version 0.2 optimizes existing functionality, fixes some bugs and introduces a few new features. Upgrade is highly recommended! 

Version: 0.1

This version is a major upgrade and is not compatible with the previous versions. You need to manually uninstall any previous version before installation!

  • SQLite is being used as back-end storage which means that all .ini files are no longer needed.
  • SSL encrypted POP3 and SMTP protocols are available.
  • New intrusion prevention system that allows you to block nodes who are probing brute force users.
  • Monitoring interface and program that allow you to connect to and monitor your quickSMTP.
  • Statistics with various graphs that can give you a good overview of the operation of your mail server.
  • Quotas for mail storage introduced on per account level.
  • Retention period for local storage of emails.
  • Remote blocking rules have been extended to include expiration time should you need to impose time limited bans.

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