Frequently asked questions

This section contains a list of frequently asked questions that we have received from our users. Please check here if you have some concerns or questions regarding installation and operation of quickSMTP. If you cannot find answers here, please feel free to contact us to clarify your doubts.

Is quickSMTP free for use?

Yes, quickSMTP is freeware and you are free to use it for whatever purposes, including commercial ones. As a freeware it comes with no warranty of any kind.

What do I need to run it?

A computer, running Windows (preferably version 7 or newer) with at least 2GB of memory, 20MB of storage space for program's files and as much space as your mail volume would consume. Microsoft's .NET framework 4.5 is required, and it will be installed automatically for you.

For what purposes can I utilize quickSMTP?

quickSMTP is a fully functional mail server. It can be used as home mail server for you and your family, or as a corporate mail server for a small organization. It can deliver mails by itself or it can also be configured to use a relay parent server. The number of domains and mailboxes is unlimited, which means that only your system's resources might impose any limitation.

How can I secure my email communication?

As of version 0.1, you have the possibility to run SSL SMTP and POP3 servers, which means that communication between your server and your clients will be encrypted and secured, and will not be possible to be intercepted by third parties.

Installation attempts to install .NET framework, but i don't want it?

We're really sorry to disappoint you, but without the .NET framework there is no way to use quickSMTP. However keep in mind that many other apps relay on this framework, so sooner or later you will need to install it.

quickSMTP news review

Latest Version: 0.3

Important bugfix! There was a bug in version 0.2 that would cause quickSMTP to consume a lot of resources when a client connects to SSL POP3 or SMTP and does not comply with the protocol commands. We recommend you to upgrade

Latest Version: 0.2

Version 0.2 optimizes existing functionality, fixes some bugs and introduces a few new features. Upgrade is highly recommended! 

Version: 0.1

This version is a major upgrade and is not compatible with the previous versions. You need to manually uninstall any previous version before installation!

  • SQLite is being used as back-end storage which means that all .ini files are no longer needed.
  • SSL encrypted POP3 and SMTP protocols are available.
  • New intrusion prevention system that allows you to block nodes who are probing brute force users.
  • Monitoring interface and program that allow you to connect to and monitor your quickSMTP.
  • Statistics with various graphs that can give you a good overview of the operation of your mail server.
  • Quotas for mail storage introduced on per account level.
  • Retention period for local storage of emails.
  • Remote blocking rules have been extended to include expiration time should you need to impose time limited bans.

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