Release History

Version 0.3.b2

  • Passwords obscured both in logs and in session details screens to increase privacy.
  • Added Service Account setting. Now you need to specify one of your local mailboxes as a Service Account and quickSMTP will identify itself with this account. In addition, if enabled, quickSMTP will listen on this box for incoming requests from your users. These requests could be change of password and report on the account usage (for now) and will be extended in the future.
  • Added Automated Commands functionality. It allows your users to issue commands via e-mail to your quickSMTP server. This is related to the Service Account listed in the point above.
  • Server Log and Queue Log extended to allow you to view in real time incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Outgoing delivery has been optimized to use several delivery threads. This will greatly speedup outgoing deliveries. For now maximum number of threads for outgoing deliveries is hard-coded to 3.
  • Connection History screen has been extended to allow better arrangement and filtering of information.
  • And many other internal optimizations that should make the program more stable and less resource consuming.

Version 0.3.b1

  • There was a bug which would cause quickSMTP to consume a lot of memory and CPU time when either s POP3 or SMTP (SSL encrypted) connection is established and remote host is not complying with the protocol specifications. This bug has now been fixed and quickSMTP should handle properly such cases. (build 1)
  • Added filtering per date range in Connection History. (build 1)
  • A new mandatory setting Service Account has been introduced. You need to set this to an existing local mailbox before you can start any of the services. This is going to be used as a origin address for all communication that quickSMTP sends out to your users as well as for monitoring this mailbox for incoming commands from your users. (build 1)
  • Fixed behaviour when have to deliver mail to a non-existing domain or domain without MX records. Now quickSMTP will return back the message instead of freezing it into the queue. (build 1)
  • Internal code optimizations to speed up general operation. (build 1)

Version 0.2

  • Added a feature that allows you to receive updates for builds. If this feature is not activated, quickSMTP will inform you about version updates only. To enable go to setting, press Shift-D and Debug tab will appear. Go to it and check the relevant box.
  • Optimized Connection History screen and now your history should load considerably faster.
  • Optimized Outgoing Queue screen to process and visualize faster changes in the messages sitting in the queue.
  • Extended session details in Connection History to show more information about the selected session.
  • Optimized Connection History to load faster history records.
  • Fixed a bug in SMTP-SSL and POP3-SSL that caused servers to crash when SSL handshaking failed.
  • Account emails browser moved to account editor.
  • Added statistics per account to show traffic of emails/network and top senders/receipients.

Version 0.1

  • Major release - incompatible with previous releases!
  • Installer has been changed thus reducing installation media size by more than 50%. The .NEW framework is no longer bundled, but will be downloaded if needed.
  • Adopted SQLite as back-end storage engine and abandoned all .ini and .xml files that were used to store data, history records and statistics.
  • Introduced SSL encryption for POP3 and SMTP communication with the possibility to generate self-signed server certificate. These certificates would trigger warnings in remote email clients, but communication will be still secure and encrypted.
  • Intrusion prevention system is available, which allows to block remote IPs in case they are probing via brute-force various username/password combinations.
  • Implemented notification system that would show important messages on your desktop as balloon popups. You can select which type of notifications you would like to see.

Version 0.0.4

  • Encryption for mailboxes passwords. Encrypted passwords will be stored in a separate file.
  • Added possibility to restrict access to SMTP and POP3 on per account basis – you can lockout users.
  • Added option to allow you to change font style for windows showing SMTP and POP3 servers logs.
  • Redesigned mailbox and domain screen to make mailboxes management easier.
  • Connection history screen modified:
    • Only 50 records per screen are shown to speed up loading when you have large number of connections.
    • Search implemented, whenever you type in text it will be searched through all fields of the records and matching records would be shown immediately.
    • Additional column has been added to show the name of the remote system. This name will be shown for new connections only.
  • Redesigned certain form in the internal interface.
  • Optimized internal code.


  • Quick minor fixes from version 0.0.3.

Version 0.0.3

  • We have completely redesigned the interface of the program. Now management should be much easier and faster.
  • The new interface should fix a widely-spread bug which caused quickSMTP to throw an exception right after its launch.
  • quickSMTP will processing considerably faster incoming mails when sent with bulk mailing software due to optimizations in the logging mechanisms of the program.
  • Local mailboxes management made easier by introducing grouping of domains and related accounts into a tree view structure.
  • Due to log rotation implementation (starting new log files for each day) Connection History was not able to display details for connections which did not happen in the current day. Now this is fixed and if log file has not been removed, details will be shown for any day.
  • Added option to start the program minimized to notification area.
  • Connection history has been extended to include life-time stats for the program and to save the history of connections upon exit.
  • Implemented per column sorting for Connection History and Local Queue.
  • Added support for external SMTP relay server. This could be your ISP’s server or any other SMTP server that allows you to send mail thru it. This feature is still experimental!


  • Fixed a bug causing an exception when quickSMTP is not able to properly identify timestamps in the queue.

Version 0.0.2

  • Updated main interface – actions most often used are now moved in a toolbar on the top and are easily accessible from all tabs of the main screen.
  • Changed outgoing messages handling algorithm and outgoing communication protocol.
  • Changed Queue tab:
    • Messages can be frozen/unfrozen in bulk
    • Messages can be grouped by various attributes.
    • Messages are colored in accordance with their status.
    • Message details screen re-arranged and added the possibility to manage each individual recipient.
    • Message preview functionality changed to be built-in and no longer dependent on external programs.
  • Connection History:
    • Now includes outgoing SMTP sessions as well and provides their session transcript.
    • Filtering by session type now works.
  • Fixed bugs with locked files in the queue resulting in exception being thrown.
  • Help is available for each tab in Preferences screen.
  • Log files are split by date, generating separate queue and server log for each day.
  • Deleting of mailboxes and physical removal of stored messages now works – be careful with it!

quickSMTP news review

Latest Version: 0.3

Important bugfix! There was a bug in version 0.2 that would cause quickSMTP to consume a lot of resources when a client connects to SSL POP3 or SMTP and does not comply with the protocol commands. We recommend you to upgrade

Latest Version: 0.2

Version 0.2 optimizes existing functionality, fixes some bugs and introduces a few new features. Upgrade is highly recommended! 

Version: 0.1

This version is a major upgrade and is not compatible with the previous versions. You need to manually uninstall any previous version before installation!

  • SQLite is being used as back-end storage which means that all .ini files are no longer needed.
  • SSL encrypted POP3 and SMTP protocols are available.
  • New intrusion prevention system that allows you to block nodes who are probing brute force users.
  • Monitoring interface and program that allow you to connect to and monitor your quickSMTP.
  • Statistics with various graphs that can give you a good overview of the operation of your mail server.
  • Quotas for mail storage introduced on per account level.
  • Retention period for local storage of emails.
  • Remote blocking rules have been extended to include expiration time should you need to impose time limited bans.

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