quickSMTP version 0.3

Fixes important bug that would cause quickSMTP to consume a lot of memory and CPU resources if a client connected to SSL POP3 or SMTP does not comply with the protocol specifications and on purpose keeps the connection open by issuing bogus commands.

New in this version:

• Important bugfix (see above).

• Added filtering per date range in Connection History.

• A new mandatory setting Service Account has been introduced. You need to set this to an existing local mailbox before you can start any of the services. This is going to be used as a origin address for all communication that quickSMTP sends out to your users as well as for monitoring this mailbox for incoming commands from your users.

• Fixed behaviour when have to deliver mail to a non-existing domain or domain without MX records. Now quickSMTP will return back the message instead of freezing it into the queue.

• Internal code optimizations to speed up general operation.

quickSMTP version 0.2

Version 0.2 brings some exciting upgrades and fixes critical issues that caused certain services to misbehave in particlar situations.

New in version 0.2:

• Added a feature that allows you to receive updates for builds. If this feature is not activated, quickSMTP will inform you about version updates only. To enable go to setting, press Shift-D and Debug tab will appear. Go to it and check the relevant box.

• Optimized Connection History screen and now your history should load considerably faster.

• Optimized Outgoing Queue screen to process and visualize faster changes in the messages sitting in the queue.

• Extended session details in Connection History to show more information about the selected session.

• Optimized Connection History to load faster history records.

• Fixed a bug in SMTP-SSL and POP3-SSL that caused servers to crash when SSL handshaking failed.

• Account emails browser moved to account editor.

• Added statistics per account to show traffic of emails/network and top senders/receipients.

quickSMTP version 0.1

This release is a major release which is not compatible with any of the previous version. You need to manually uninstall any previous version that you might have before proceeding towards installation of version 0.1.

What is new in this version

Many things have changed and we really hope that you will like the bunch of new features that we've managed to incorporate.

SQLite is now being used as a back-end storage engine. By utilizing it, we have managed to reduce significant part of the internal code and structures that we used for data storage and management, and we also now have the opportunity to process historical data in various ways, thus providing you with the possibility to generate great graphs showing the performance of your server.

SSL encryption was implemented which will provide you with encrypted SMTP and POP3 server. You can use the supplied tools to generate self-signed server certificate or you can utilize a certificate issued by a third party. Encryption guarantees that your clients' communication is secure and protected.

Quotas on per account level can be defined, telling the server how many messages that user is allowed to have and how much space her/his mailbox can consume on your server. You can define those on each account individually. In addition we have also implemented Retention policy, that will delete mails as soon as they exceed the individually defined storage period. Retention period is announced during POP3 sessions as required by the protocol thus informing mail clients about the storage policy that you have.

Monitoring client is now available. This client is a separate program that can connect to your quickSMTP server and report you on its current operation. You can review the log files of the server and also receive important messages should anything of interest happens on the server.

System requirements

quickSMTP 0.1 now uses DotNet Framework version 4.5. The installer will install it automatically for you in case you don't have it.

It is recommended to use Windows 7 with at least 4GB of RAM. Disk space requirements depend on the volume of mail you are going to process and store, and as for the program - it needs about 20MB.

Download preview

You can download your copy from our downloads page.

quickSMTP news review

Latest Version: 0.3

Important bugfix! There was a bug in version 0.2 that would cause quickSMTP to consume a lot of resources when a client connects to SSL POP3 or SMTP and does not comply with the protocol commands. We recommend you to upgrade

Latest Version: 0.2

Version 0.2 optimizes existing functionality, fixes some bugs and introduces a few new features. Upgrade is highly recommended! 

Version: 0.1

This version is a major upgrade and is not compatible with the previous versions. You need to manually uninstall any previous version before installation!

  • SQLite is being used as back-end storage which means that all .ini files are no longer needed.
  • SSL encrypted POP3 and SMTP protocols are available.
  • New intrusion prevention system that allows you to block nodes who are probing brute force users.
  • Monitoring interface and program that allow you to connect to and monitor your quickSMTP.
  • Statistics with various graphs that can give you a good overview of the operation of your mail server.
  • Quotas for mail storage introduced on per account level.
  • Retention period for local storage of emails.
  • Remote blocking rules have been extended to include expiration time should you need to impose time limited bans.

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